31 August 2011

My Little Kitty Cat

My daughter and I had a little photo shoot this morning, and I just had to show off how cute she looks! She insists that the hat is a doggy hat, and not a kitty cat, though.

13 August 2011

Cashmere Spirogyra?!

Just really proud of these mitts I made for my mom for her birthday and wanted to share! They are made out of hand dyed 100% cashmere. This cashmere is dyed in batches so small, the company doesn't even make dye lots. They are made with the pattern Spirogyra from knitty.com, and they were a blast.

09 August 2011

Lena Loo Legwarmers, and others

These are legwarmers I knit for my daughter. She's one fancy little girl - they're made from hand painted silk blend yarn. It's been lyring around for so long, I just had to use it. You can't tell from the pic, but they've got a lace and cable pattern on the front. They've got a ruffle on the end, and they're just epic. I only wish I made them a tad longer. They've been dubbed "Lena Loo Legwarmers", as her nickname is (one of the many, anyways) is Lena Loo.
Here's a pair of mitts I knit for my friend Danielle. I am so in love with them, I didn't want to give them to her. But as she paid me for them, I really had no choice.
In red as well. Oh, by the way, they're made with cashmere blend yarn. Yum!
All pretty and wrapped up.
The palm cable on the mitts. Shameless advertising - it can all be purchased at Natalie's Knits. Oh, I dyed my own yarn today. With Food Coloring. Mine didn't come out that bright, but I'm okay with that. It's a nice shell pink / Whitish variagated (sorry if the spelling is rubbish) wool, and I'm calling it Nantucket Red to fancy it up. In case you don't know what Nantucket Red is.

06 August 2011

I'm Allergic to Life

I think I'm allergic to something in Life cereal. I started eating it again recently, and I'm entirely covered in hives. Although what I'm allergic to in it, I've no idea. Argh.

05 August 2011

Favorite Thing Friiiiiiiiday!

My Favorite Thing at the moment is making money doing something I love. I uploaded a picture of a mitt I knitted to Facebook recently, and I've gotten quite a few commissions (don't have spellcheck on this computer don't know if that's spealt right :p) for them. So....yay.
Favorite Things Friday

03 August 2011

Magdalena Mitts

OKAY - Magdalena Mitts

This is the first pattern I have ever created. Thought I would share and see if anyone else would do it!

Using US size one DPN, CO 45 st

Round one - *p1, k1, p2, k1, repeat from *
Round two thru four - repeat round one
Round five - *p1, wrap 4, repeat from *
Round six thru nine - repeat round one
Round ten - p1, k1, *p1, wrap four, repeat from *, using two st from next round to complete patt. Do not, however, change starting point of next round.
Repeat rounds one thru ten once. (Rounds 11 thru 20)
Rounds 21 thru 24 - repeat round one
Round 25 - Repeat round five
Round 26 - Repeat round one

Placing Thumb:
Round 27 - p1, k1, p2, k1, k5 with scrap yarn, slip last five st back to left needle, finish round in patt with working yarn

Rounds 28 & 29 - Repeat round one
Round 30 - Repeat round ten
Rounds 31 thru 34 - Repeat round one
Round 35 - Repeat round five
Rounds 36 thru 39 - Repeat round one
Round 40 - Repeat round ten
Rounds 41 thru 44 - Repeat round one
Round 45 - Repeat round five

BO all st.

Carefully remove scrap yarn, placing five st on one dpn, and four on the other. K5 on lower DPN, pickup 2 st. K4 on second DPN, pickup 1 st. k2, p2 one round. BO purlwise.

Weave in all ends.

Wrap four: With yarn in back, slip next four st purlwise. Bring yarn to front. Slip st back to left needle. Bring yarn in back. Slip stitches back to right needle. Keep tension quite firm.

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