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Hi there and welcome to my site! I am Natalie, the Nantucket Knitter. I have been knitting since before I can remember. It's kind of a mystery, as my mom swears she didn't teach me how to knit and she doesn't know who else could possibly have done so...so I honestly have no idea how I learned. But I am glad I did, I love it. And I love sharing my love of it.

I am a single mother who was born, raised, and still reside on the little island off of the coast of Massachusetts. Nantucket. My daughter is my life, and she is one of the reasons I knit, to help support her and myself!

I am currently in college online full time at American Public Universities.

I have been on a 'lifestyle change' (sorry, I hate the word diet! EVERYONE is on a diet of some sort, whether good or bad!) since December 24th, 2012. I had an epiphany that if I continued on my current course, it would be a short, crash course to extinction for yours truly.

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I have since lost 45 pounds and lots of inches off my waist. I can run up to six miles a day, and run four days a week. When once I could only do a few unmodified pushups, I can now do 40 unmodifiued pushups!

I have been a vegetarian for a very little while now. It's something I'm still getting used to, and will continue to post about along the way.

Thanks for stopping by!


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