18 October 2011

Kids Say...

Me: "Stop beating Nana with a stick."
Three year old: "Why?"

17 October 2011


I love these so far. Made of a blend of Lamb's Wool and acrylic. Super soft. Woot.

16 October 2011

Colorful (knitted) Lights

Since the first of the holiday fairs starts next month, it is now the time to start things like this:

Just had to share the cuteness.

And I just joined a group on Ravelry. Super cute project KAL, and I have so much yarn in my stash. Knit Purl Girl KAL

14 October 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I got an unexpected and very lovely day off today. As a single mother, I am very lucky. My daughter goes with her father every Sunday after church for several hours, and then one weekend a month. But today it was raining cats and dogs, and since my ex is a landscaper, he couldn’t work. Bummer for him – day off for me!
I cleaned the house, I worked on my website, I knitted. (I did not, however, actually finish anything.) Then at about two o’clock, I realized I hadn’t eaten, so I made myself a virgin Peña Colada – virgin mainly because I don’t know what kind of alcohol goes into it. And right this very second, I am sipping it.
All that, altogether, is my Favorite Thing Friday. (Well it’s still Thursday here, but hey, close enough.)

13 October 2011

Mini Elf Hats!!

Check out the new free pattern!

Mini elf hats! I know it's early days yet for Christmas, but I need to get knitting if I want to get everything done I plan on getting done. (I am aiming for giving out only home made gifts this year.)
So anyways, pop over to the patterns sections to check it out!

09 October 2011

Home made tortillas!

We just got a tortilla press this weekend! And of course, I had to try it out right away. (It's funny - this is 'Natalie's Knit's' but all three of the posts thus far have centered on food. All well.)

The new toy!

I have made pupusas before (sorry if my spelling is off) so I know the basics of making the dough with corn flour. Two cups flour and a little over a cup of water. Stir/kneed for a minute or two, and form into balls. Leave under a moist towel for about half an hour.

Put them on an un-oiled skillet, and cook for about three minutes on one side, two on the other. Until it kind of pushes away from the skillet.

A tortilla cooking on an un-oiled skillet.

I keep them in a stack under a paper towel. Not that I really think that keeps the warmth in, but it for some reason makes me feel better.

A small stack of tortillas.

Fill with whatever you like, then cook an additional couple of minutes to get everyting all gooey and yummy. And presto, you have a quesadilla! I put Brie in mine.

A tortilla covered in brie, waiting to be topped with the second tortilla.

I was so hungry I couldn't wait. I broke one apart and used it as a chip to eat my brie.

A first rate dinner, if I do say so myself!

And of course, with all that waiting for timers to go off, I had a bit of time to knit:

A mini sweater ornament I am donating to my Church's Harvest Fair! (It's next month and there's always a table devoted just to ornaments.)<br>
And there you have it, my adventure with the tortilla press!

07 October 2011

October Whoopie Pies

My Favorite Thing Friday is October. Three reasons - Fall is my favorite season, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and my birthday is this month.
I spent the day making mini pumpkin whoopie pies, to celebrate October. Literally, the day. Because I am American, I naturally like things far bigger than they're supposed to be, so the first two batches were gigantic...but looked horrible. So, actually following the recipe this time, I made another two batches.
The first batch, with the big ol' scooper.
Some of the second batch, waiting to go into the oven...
...and out of the oven.
All those mini whoopie halves.

A plate of Whoopie Pies!

It's a funny thing - when things are actually made the size they're supposed to be, the recipe doesn't really have to be doubled. So with all that extra batter - mini pumpkin cupcakes!
Aaaand lotsa time spent knitting while waiting for the timer go off. (It's a World of Warcraft stocking a friend asked me to make, by the way.)

And one teeny tiny panda bear ornament, with two different length arms. Poor thing. She'll be fixed tomorrow.

05 October 2011

2 x 2 Mitts

I have really been wanting to knit some of the yarn I have dyed, but couldn't think of anything I really wanted to create. Then these popped into my head. They're fairly simple, and can be made simpler by using a regular bind off, rather than the picot edge I used on these.
They are so quick, they knit up in less than a weekend.
(FYI - I plan on getting pictures with both of the mitts being worn in one picture in a few days. Right now it is just me and my camera phone, so I could only take one hand at a time!)
YARN: Fingering Sock Yarn, I used a 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon blend that I dyed myself.
NEEDLES: US size one DPNs or circular for magic loop.
NOTIONS: Needle to weave in ends
GAUGE: Doesn't really matter
Before we start I want to warn you that these are going to look super small as you knit them. However, the 2x2 rib is really stretchy, so don't worry, these will fit any average sized wrist!

Cast on 40 stitches. Divide between four DPNs if using. Join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist.
Work in 2x2 rib(K2, P2) for 5 1/2 inches, or desired length.
Thumb: Work in patt for five stitches, bind off six stitches, work in patt to end of round. Next round: Work in patt for five stitches, cast on six stitches, work in patt to end of round.
Work in patt for another 2 1/2 inches, or desired lenght.
Bind off stitches using picot edge bind off. Finishing: Weave in ends.
*Cast on two stitches. Bind off four stitches. Return stitch on right needle to left needle; repeat from* to end of round.

Don't forget my yarn dying kit giveaway Pattern © 2011 Natalie Gonzalez. Please e-mail me at natalie.knit@gmail.com if you wish to make these to sell. Do not reproduce and redistribute pattern. Any questions or comments? Feel free to e-mail me!
If my fingers appear dirty in these pictures, it's because, well, they are. They're stained with soot. Long story.

02 October 2011

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