28 February 2013

Favorite Thing Friday

My favorite thing this week is quite simple. This beautiful thing winged its way into my life today:

I'm too lazy to take my own picture. Plus it's dark here and I've had a beer so I'm slightly drunk. Yes, a beer. One beer. But it was a good beer.
Anyhoo, now I can start responding to comments again, and not seem like some ignorey-head. I call dibs on that term. I can so see how it's pronounced in my head. How one can see a pronunciation, I've no idea. Super powers?
Oh, also, it's my dad's birthday. He's like 1,001 or something.
Linking up to Shay's Favorite Thing Friday.

Oh hey, not to toot my own horn too much, but I've got a cool Second Blogaversary Giveaway going now. Check it out!


Amanda said...

Gotta love new technology

Heather said...

I love my PC also.

Shay said...

I remember how excited I was when we got our new purpose built computer (which Im using now ) and also when I got my Ipad (which I use the rest of the time. How exciting for you! Have fun making friends with the new arrival.

And I love the term ignorey-head. Totally cool. Mr. P made up the word stample years ago. That's where you get crushed by a herd of elephants....we don't get to use it much because there are no elephants outside of zoos in Australia.

Kate said...

Enjoy your new toy. Careful they are highly addictive!

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