10 August 2012

I've Been Published

My pattern for Eyelet Fingerless Mitts has been published! And not in one, but two other Blogs! (i didn't realize I had been published in Totally Tutorials until this morning, when I was looking at my stats.)
Nantucket Chronicle has asked me to do a column (for lack of a better word) with patterns, tips and tricks. I already have two more planned in my head. Check the article out
Totally Tutorials also published my pattern, yay!
I am so happy to be have my name out there in the Blogging world more. I am loving these opportunities.
(Oh and new learning opportunities - I discovered I've been spelling 'eyelet' wrong for ages now. I thought it was 'eyelit.') Happy Knitting All!

07 August 2012

I Did Pretty Well!

If you got here through Nantucket Chronicle, please click here to be rerouted to the most current posts. Thanks!
I thoroughly enjoyed the Summer Fair last Saturday! I sold quite a few things, some that I've had around since Christmas or so, and got some special orders in. I am so happy that I got my name out there more.
My section of the table, after set up. My friend and I shared a large table, in the BEST spot, and her father even surprised us with a tent to sit under! It ended up bein about 90 degrees and humid, so that was awesome.
Magdalena is excited!
Some stuffies hanging out, waiting to go to new homes.
This bunny went home with a wonderful little girl.
Some wonderful soaps made on Nantucket by DriftAway Soaps, and some hand knit mini wash cloths.

The view from behind the table.


06 August 2012

Winna Winna!

chicken dinna! teehee couldn't help myself.
Sorry I couldn't get around to posting this earlier, been so crazy around here.
The winner of the greetings giveaway is...

comment number ten, who is...

Yay! Congrats! I will e-mail you right now, as I don't want another three days to go by before I can get on Bligger again to keep you from getting your goodies.
Thanks for entering everyone. I am going to hopefully have a post up soon about the fair I just sold my stuff at. Super fun!

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