16 April 2011

Faith or Karma or Whatever

It's days like today that really make my faith in God (or faith or karma or whatever) more confident.
I got a call from my friend David this morning asking about whether or not I had my daughter for the day, as he knows she spends most weekends with her father, and he also asked what house he lives in. I thought the second question rather odd, so instead of answering I asked him why. He told me about a house (the house that until about three days ago my ex was indeed living in, and in which my daughter still spends a lot of time) that had had a major carbon monoxide leak. It was so bad that people were found lying unconscious on the floor, and several were helicoptered off the island.
These people were all adults. I just keep thinking of a two-year-old being in that house, and what would have happened to that tiny body. And she would have been there (family and friends of my ex still live there, as well as his girlfriend, so he visits them pretty much all the time) had the Ex not gotten a call yesterday about a cousin of his who is coming to the States, and his arrival date had moved up. So instead of spending the day with his daughter in that house, he is off the island, and she is with me.
Now I don't know if it was fate or whatever that made her not be in the house, or if it was just pure chance and luck, but whatever it was, I'm shaken and thankful.

15 April 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My Favorite Thing Friday is simple - I've made a new friend. I love when that happens. And a friends who likes hanging with me AND my daughter - priceless. Oh yeah, this friend is male and cute. :p

Favorite Things Friday

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