22 October 2012

Mini Skein Giveaway

Click on over to Nantucket.Knitter to enter! Hey all you Bee Keeper Quilter's out there! And I won't forget you Mini Mania Scarfers. Not to mention anyone making ornaments or toys...
Anyone want to win 15 mini skeins?!

I was going through my stash and realized I have way too much yarn, and lots of it is the half skein variety. And I know all of us bee Keeper's are always looking for new and awesome (awesome!) yarn to add to their quilts. So I thought - why not give some of it away?
I am giving away the 13 pictured plus two surprised solid minis.
Pictures left to right
First row:1-6 are Storied Yarns, 7 I dyed.
Second Row: 1-3 are sparkly mini skeins from Knit Picks, 4-5 are random socks yarns, self striping, and 6 is a Madeline Tosh sock yarn. So click on over to Nantucket.Knitter to enter!

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