07 October 2011

October Whoopie Pies

My Favorite Thing Friday is October. Three reasons - Fall is my favorite season, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and my birthday is this month.
I spent the day making mini pumpkin whoopie pies, to celebrate October. Literally, the day. Because I am American, I naturally like things far bigger than they're supposed to be, so the first two batches were gigantic...but looked horrible. So, actually following the recipe this time, I made another two batches.
The first batch, with the big ol' scooper.
Some of the second batch, waiting to go into the oven...
...and out of the oven.
All those mini whoopie halves.

A plate of Whoopie Pies!

It's a funny thing - when things are actually made the size they're supposed to be, the recipe doesn't really have to be doubled. So with all that extra batter - mini pumpkin cupcakes!
Aaaand lotsa time spent knitting while waiting for the timer go off. (It's a World of Warcraft stocking a friend asked me to make, by the way.)

And one teeny tiny panda bear ornament, with two different length arms. Poor thing. She'll be fixed tomorrow.


Shay said...

I've seen whoopie pie recipes around the place and always meant to make them (They aren't a big thing here on the other side of the world ) but they look fabulous ....

Maybe your post is the push I need to get my rear in gear .

Oh my goodness ...look at that pattern in your knitting. Amazing!

Have a great FTF!

Michelle Ridgway said...

I've not heard of them before but they sure do look delish!

Marg said...

I've heard of them but never tried one. They look good and pumpkin flavoured ones would be very nice indeed.
Love the panda ornament. very cute.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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