14 October 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I got an unexpected and very lovely day off today. As a single mother, I am very lucky. My daughter goes with her father every Sunday after church for several hours, and then one weekend a month. But today it was raining cats and dogs, and since my ex is a landscaper, he couldn’t work. Bummer for him – day off for me!
I cleaned the house, I worked on my website, I knitted. (I did not, however, actually finish anything.) Then at about two o’clock, I realized I hadn’t eaten, so I made myself a virgin Peña Colada – virgin mainly because I don’t know what kind of alcohol goes into it. And right this very second, I am sipping it.
All that, altogether, is my Favorite Thing Friday. (Well it’s still Thursday here, but hey, close enough.)

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