09 October 2011

Home made tortillas!

We just got a tortilla press this weekend! And of course, I had to try it out right away. (It's funny - this is 'Natalie's Knit's' but all three of the posts thus far have centered on food. All well.)

The new toy!

I have made pupusas before (sorry if my spelling is off) so I know the basics of making the dough with corn flour. Two cups flour and a little over a cup of water. Stir/kneed for a minute or two, and form into balls. Leave under a moist towel for about half an hour.

Put them on an un-oiled skillet, and cook for about three minutes on one side, two on the other. Until it kind of pushes away from the skillet.

A tortilla cooking on an un-oiled skillet.

I keep them in a stack under a paper towel. Not that I really think that keeps the warmth in, but it for some reason makes me feel better.

A small stack of tortillas.

Fill with whatever you like, then cook an additional couple of minutes to get everyting all gooey and yummy. And presto, you have a quesadilla! I put Brie in mine.

A tortilla covered in brie, waiting to be topped with the second tortilla.

I was so hungry I couldn't wait. I broke one apart and used it as a chip to eat my brie.

A first rate dinner, if I do say so myself!

And of course, with all that waiting for timers to go off, I had a bit of time to knit:

A mini sweater ornament I am donating to my Church's Harvest Fair! (It's next month and there's always a table devoted just to ornaments.)<br>
And there you have it, my adventure with the tortilla press!

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