04 November 2013

Make Something Monday Week Five

Hi there, and welcome to Make Something Monday, week five. A recap of any and everything I deem worthy of posting, that I've made in the last week.
I never got around to posting Homeschooling Friday last week. We did plenty, I just didn't really get too many pictures. This week, I will be better!
I finished a stuffed animal and a doll this week. I love this doll, it's something I've been meaning to knit for well over a year:
Can you guess who she is? She's known for her incredibly curiosity, even following a white rabbit down a mysterious hole and embarking on many adventures. I have since sewn her apron down, but was really lazy with pictures all the way around the past week.
She's been ravelled here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/NataliesKnits/alice My other finish, and another new love, is this darling girl:
I mentioned last week that I was into the foxes and wanted a girl fox, and here she is. I am loving making up the little dresses, it's the details that really make them pop. I don't know what other animals I can make for these dresses! She's ravelled here: http://ravel.me/NataliesKnits/h6evg
I am currently working on a cute little squishy baby doll, but have no pictures. I am also planning a Hello Kitty stuffed animal, for someone's stocking.
M and I wrote up a list of Christmas gifts, I told her I wanted them to be all things I could knit. Well, I now have about 16 mini stockings to make, a few dragons, and a bunch of baby dolls. These posts are going to be getting a lot bigger soon!
What did you all make this week?


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