22 November 2013

Homeschooling Saturday Week Six - Homemade Advent Calenders

Welcome to Homeschooling Saturday, week six! Homeschooling Saturday is a recap of our favorite craft(s) or activity we've done in the past couple of weeks.
This week, we've been busy making advent calenders. Why buy when you can make ones that are beautiful and meaningful with things you've already got around the home?
We made this beautiful Mary and baby Jesus:
I took the template provided, and instead of using that to trace, deleted the labels on everything and printed those out to color. Then I copied and pasted the stars into one document and I used those for my calender, the kids are just using star stickers.
Here is the star template I created. Keep in mind I in no way am taking credit for it, in fact it has the original link on it. It just took me a while to save the format provided (had to screen shot it eventually) so I thought this might save a step or two for some people: http://nantucketknitter.com/pdf/stars1.pdf.
Everyone painted whatever background they wanted onto poster-board:
And we colored in everything...
...and then glitter glue and metallic colored pencils got involved:
After the year and a half everything took to dry, I started to cut it all out and lay them out onto the poster board to number where the stars and baby Jesus would go as the days of December pass. (Days one - 23 are small stars, 24 is the North Star, and 25 is baby Jesus.)
I totally ignored where the stars go about halfway through, and just numbered where I thought they should go from some picture in my head. Which was a mistake, if you look closely at the finished product up above, you can see my attempts at erasing them. At least I did that on my own, not the kids'! This idea is from: http://www.thatartistwoman.org
We're also working on a funky tree calender:
Each tree will have a little trinket or confection in it. I was supposed to use Washi tape, but I have no idea where to even find that on Nantucket, so we stuck with regular old translucent. Not as polished looking, but when you've got rainbow trees, who cares?!
I am mostly using super inexpensive (cheap) things like mini candy canes, plastic ornaments and small chocolate bears, but for a few of them I did little things of princess chap-stick (Little M gets super chapped lips in the winter, so we always have a bunch of them) and bangles. On the 24th, I put in Cinderella nail polish.
I have no idea where this feminine little girl came from, she certainly didn't get it from me!
The idea for this one came from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2010/make-a-geometric-tree-advent-calendar/.

That was what we did this week. What did you all do for homeschool this week?


I have decided to make this into a Linky Party! Please link up to Homeschooling Saturday with anything at all to do with homeschooling you and your little ones did this week! If you want, awesome. If no one wants, no problem!
If you do decide to link up, please just link back from your post to this post! You can use this picture if you want:

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