08 March 2012

favorite things friday

My tiny tumbler!


Michelle Ridgway said...

Such a sweetie and doing very well in the tumbling department.

thea said...

how adorable!

P. said...

How sweet! Looks like fun too!

Marg said...

So cute, wouldn't that be fun to do!

Amanda said...

Lovely, mine is bouncing all over the lounge with the dog, I am just glad hubby isn't home. I swear the dog think she's a puppy.

Amanda said...

Lovely, mine is bouncing all over the lounge with the dog, I am just glad hubby isn't home. I swear the dog think she's a puppy.

ANudge said...

What joy of life! A wonderful posts.

Shay said...

She's gorgeous. It looks like she has tumbling and twirling mastered.

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