07 June 2012

The Best Strawberries EVER

Want to know how to get the best strawberries ever?

Pick them yourself!
Today, myself and the small children when to a local farm, paid for our containers, then spent a very happy hour or so picking and (mainly) eating strawberries right off the vine.

I made the mistake of telling them they could eat as many as they wanted. I think more ended up in their bellies than in the pints.
We got some absolute monsters:

And we got some exhausting (yay!) work in:

And the morning ends super well if the farm has a playground:



bj said...

O so glad you had such fun with the little ones.
When I was a little girl, my mama always grew strawberries in her garden. Every morning, during growing season, my little brother and I would go out and pick fresh ones to eat for breakfast. O, how good they were. Yummmmm
I am over from Favorite Thins and you new follower..come by when you can.
xo bj

ANudge said...

We use to do that but we pick blackberries. Oh so fun memory you made for the kiddies. Thanks for sharing!

Shay said...

Everywhere I look I'm seeing fabulous posts about northern hemisphere strawberry picking. I'm so jealous. There is nothing like fresh juicy plump strawberries. And to pick your own is another bonus.

I think it's great for little people to learn about where fruit comes from (other than the shops !) I have a lot of great memories of fruit picking and growing our own from when I was a kid (a million years ago )

P. said...

Yum, they look so luscious! I have great memories of going to the pick-your-own place with my daughter not that long ago. Enjoy those mushy strawberry smiles!

thea said...

I was just talking with someone today about picking strawberries. Such fun. Are you making jam?

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