02 March 2011

Diet (un)friendly

WHY do I keep reading Bakerella?! Every time I do I come across something I want to make and then consume. Just look at those Hi Hat Cupcakes! Chocolate cake topped with chocolate-encrusted marshmallow. *Drool*.
I don't think I can stop myself from making these and then inhaling them all. I just keep thinking of all the variations I could do with these. The marshmallow could be left undipped. Candy Melts would be excellent for these tasties - imagine them topped in blue or pink or red! Or dark chocolate with red sprinkles? Or what about just making the marshmallow and dipping in chocolate, maybe with a lollipop stick?
Wow I am giving myself a hernia.
Has anyone attempted these?


Sara said...

I will admit, I personally am not a marshmallow fan, and I've no idea how one would go about making marshmallow, but it think if you did one on a popstick, so it looked like an icecream, I don't know if you have choc wedges in the US but that's what I'm thinking, it would look super cool. And you could just leave them in your bag all day, and when you took it out everyone would be all "oh my god, how is that not all melted and gross?" and you could bite off a chunk and go "tada! marshmallow!"

And they would worship you as their queen, or something like that.

That's just my idea anyway.

Sqquee said...

No we don't have choc wedges in the US, but I did google them. We have similar chocolate coated ice cream though. I used to have a fake melted ice cream prop when I was in Jr. High, and used to pull it out during out computer classes when we had a substitute teacher and put in on the monitor. It was pretty funny.

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