01 March 2011

I Am Addicted

World of Warcraft. If you've never played it, don't start. At least, not if you have something even close to an addictive personality. You will become obsessed. I have been playing this game off-and-on for a year or so, and at this point, if I'm not with my daughter, cleaning or with friends, I am playing this accursed game.
Sleep? When I'm (in the game) dead!
In fact, anyone wondering where the name Sqquee came from? My Enhancement Shaman's name is Sqquee. (The name is based on one of my favorite comic book characters EVAR, Squee. However, that was not available, so I improvised!) And boy, does she rock.
If I was given the option, (and Azeroth were not quite so filled with scary things) I would pack myself and my daughter up and move into Stormwind City. Where I would make my living skinning animals and enchanting armor to add extra mana and stamina. Needless to say, I live vicariously through my characters.
I mean, seriously. You're running across continents on your trained elephant or tiger, in life-or-death battles with anything wandering across your path. The never-ending battle of Alliance vs. Horde. Defending your cities when the other faction decides to strike. Levitating. Baking giant raptor egg omelets. Joining random dungeon groups with five people who could be from anywhere in the world.
What, absolutely what, is not to love about this game?


Nana B said...

To game or not to game that is the question. "How about a nice game of chess?"

Sara said...

Hi, it's nice to meet you.

I got a Guild Wars account a few years back but I gave up after level 3 - my fingers are more suited to sewing than pressing random combinations of keys very very quickly, so I died a lot. What level are you up to?

Sqquee said...

Hi Sara! I have a lot of characters, my highest is level 72. I have never heard of Guild Wars. Was that a precursor to World of Warcraft?

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