18 February 2012

Long Time...

Hi everyone! Long time, no post.
One of the better hotels on the island ordered a massive amount of stuffies from me for their gift shop (yay!) so I have been super busy with getting those done. Not even 25% yet. Plus my daugther's father is out of of the country for the winter, so no mini vacations (read - six hours on Sundays) for me. So, busy busy.
Plus, I was really smart and decided I needed to put the computer away for awhile, so dismantled it went into the basment. Without thinking of my Etsy shop or the fact that I need to check my e-mail most every day. Thank God for the Kindle Fire!
Now, I know it's Saturday, but I haven't done Favorite Thing Friday in so long, and I am itching to.
Today, (and it's been for a while) my favorite thing is the fact that my small island is so artist / artisan / maker of things by hand friendly. We have at least one artisan fair / farmer's market a week for half the year, we have church and school fairs all year round. And do most resort hotels really purchase hand knit stuffies for their gift shops? They might...I have just not witinessed it.
I just can not wait for them to open for the year. I am going to take so many pictures! And when I get a website going again (I had nataliesknits.com, but I was paying way to much to host it. So I think I am going to go for something like smilesarecontagious.com, so it's not so limiting, and use a host like DreamHost), I am so going to put a huge "NOW AVAILABLE AT THE WHITE ELEPANT GIFT SHOP!


Suzanne said...

That's great that you have so much business. Glad you could take time to post. That is delightful that your island values the artistic and hand crafts. And yours are so lovely.

Shay said...

Congratulations on the awesome news Natalie. That's fabulous !

I like communities that support local and hand made arts and crafts. I feel they add a lot to the feeling of community. (and every one knows handmade is so much better than mass produced!!)

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