22 February 2012

40 Days

Just today, and for the next forty days*, I gave up buying anything that isn't absolutely necessary. Which is about the hardest sacrifice I can make, including giving up chocolate and TV. I love shopping. No, I am addicted to shopping.
And wouldn't you know it, as I'm trolling Etsy for Pinterest fodder, I come across this:
(From Hingmade)
I know I am a grown woman who has absolutely no use for a mobile, but I love owls. I adore them. And I want that mobile! It may be a good thing I have given up spending, because otherwise it would already be on its way to me.
I am, however, deciding that these little guys are necessary, as my daughter does need an Easter present:
(Also from Hingmade)
Well, on a not so whiny note, I am going to be doing a giveaway soon. A handknit bunny with an apron, as well as some Easter / spring sweets. I have no pictures right now, but believe me, it's a cute giveaway!

*It's actually 46 days, but Sundays don't officially count. (But they do for me.)

1 comment:

Nana B said...

Good luck on your 40 day sojurn. Can't wait to see the give-a-way.

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