17 May 2012

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things!

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Well, it's 3.20 AM, and I can't sleep. So why not post for Favorite Thing Friday?! On Thursday, teehee. I have to be honest, FTF is my, well, favorite Linky Party, and on the weeks I am able to post, I can't wait to do it!!
Things have been pretty darn good over in my neck of the world. Some of my favorite things this week are:
(She's pulling super powers out of her hair by the way.)
Going for long walks with small children. It forces me to stop rushing from thing to thing. Their enjoyment of the smallest things never ceases to amaze me and is a valuable lesson.
Plus we got some pretty flowers in the process!
An infinity scarf I am working on. Because I plan on selling it a fair this summer, (first time renting a table!) I can afford better yarn than I normally would. It's 30% silk 70% merino wool, and I absolutely love working with it. Though I have a massive project I have to get done that's been paid for (and believe me it's getting done!) I keep making excuses to pick this one up.
Pattern is from the wonderful Trappings and Trinkets.
I also had some much needed retail therapy. I got another pair of shoes as well as the ones pictured. And while they're beautiful, they just don't photograph so well. I've needed new flats, easy shoes to throw on and walk to town, for about two years or so now. My Birkenstocks were looking pretty hagard for a while, then the other day they fell apart. Literally. The bottoms fell off. And since I've had them since before I met my ex husband, I decided it was time to throw them out rather than fix them. Poor things deserve some rest.
Wish I'd gotten a picture though. The insides of a Birkenstocks is pretty neat.
This is my absolute favorite thing this week. I have also been needing a new purse, as the handle on my old one broke. This picture isn't very good, but it's got THE coolest tree on it. I saw it hanging in the bookshop, and it called my name.
Well, the very similar messenger called my name at first. But for some reason I kept drifting to this one, though the messenger looked a little cooler.
Then, this was pointed out to me:
It's bottom compartment is insulated. That's right. SOO epic. I am a mother who is constantly babysitting other children. I am all the time throwing snacks into my purse as we go to town, playground, whatever. Which often times ooze or explode onto the other contents of my purse. And my purse is often more of a knitting bag than a purse. I always have a few projects on the go.
I can't count the amount of times food has ruined a project. Most likely, projects that were commissioned. Which means staying up 'til three AM catching up on the lost knitting. (I may be disorganize person about lots of things, but with knitting I keep a tight schedule!)
And now, if the food explodes, it's only going to get onto itself and the wipeable insulation! I am so inexpressable happy right now.
I am now off to bed to try to scrape a few hours of sleep in. Happy day all!
UPDATE - small children and new purse got to go to the beach today! Add that to my favorite things for the week!


Nana B said...

It looks like you and the little ones are going to enjoy your summer

thea said...

Love the picture at the beach (with the bag and knitting and book ..). Looks like a wonderful day!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great favs all! Love your photos and such sweet shoes...looove those. What a cutie patootie on the beach.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

All of them are fantastic but the best for me is the long walks with small children in nature. It's such a small exploration and large world all at the same time. I miss those days but I still drag my teens occasionally and make them find the wonder in nature through my eyes. The growth of tree bark making the shape of a face, etc...

Glad your week was so full of fantastic moments!

Kate said...

Great favorites. The insulated compartment on the bag is a winner. I don't have a little on anymore, but chocolate energy bars she prefers for her sporting events aren't much different than the little kid treats.

Lisa said...

Children and walks in nature tops my list.

Shay said...

I loved this post. You shared a veritable plethora of favourite things and I loved every single one.

Your comment about walking with little people is so true. We all need to slow down and see the world through children’s eyes more often.

I adore the colour of your new shoes. Im a total sucker for shoes. And your scarf is gorgeous.

I spent some time this morning looking at your part of the world. What a gorgeous place to live !

Amanda said...

Lots of lovely favourite things there, especially love the pulling super powers from her hair one. Love to see its warm somewhere.

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