10 May 2012

Organic Hand Dying Yarn!

A great and creative activity!

You can e-mail me for a pdf at natalie@nantucketknitter.com
You will need:
- a teaspoon
- a big enamel or cast iron pot
- a thermometer
- white, cream or light coloured wool yarn
- dye
- citric acid

STEP ONE: Wash yarn. Follow washing instructions on yarn.
STEP TWO: Fill large enamel or stainless steel pot with warm water, you want it about 100 degrees. Tap water should be sufficient. Add yarn and soak for fifteen minutes.

STEP THREE: Dissolve between 1/4 - 1/2 tsp (depending on how intense you want the color) dye in a small paper cup with warm water, and add dissolved dye to yarn bath. Stir to incorporate, and soak for ten minutes.
STEP FOUR: Slowly raise temperature to 175 degrees F, and soak at consistent 175 for ten minutes.
STEP FIVE: Add one teaspoon of citric acid and stir to dissolve. Slowly raise temperature and stir until water is cleared. If water is not cleared in a few minutes add another teaspoon of citric acid. If the water is almost clear, by the time the water is cool, it should be clear.
STEP FIVE: Once water is clear, remove pot from heat immediately. Let cool, then rinse with cold water and let the yarn dry.
CONGRATS! You have now dyed yarn!

A great yarn dying kit to start with

(This last picture was dyed one solid color following these instructions, and then it was repeated again on half of the yarn sing a darker color. It produces a long striping pattern.)
Photos © Natalie Gonzalez

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