25 November 2011

The Day After Thursday

Lazy days rock. My daughter and I are spending the day watching old movies, knitting, and basically lazing (is that a word) off Thanksgiving. And eating Turkey Terrifics (Thanksgiving feast between two fresh baked pieces of bread). And baking more pies for our "eat the leftovers" get-together, which is really more fun than Thanksgiving.
Some pictures of the holiday:
Those are from the Cold Turkey Plunge. Basically, people jump into the water for 32 seconds (why 32 I don't know) to raise money for the Atheneum.

Christmas is being put up around town. The Tree Lighting Ceremony is tonight, and the Christmas Stroll is next weekend.

Some fun before and after dinner.
And lounging around today.
PS - don't forget my Knitted Ornament Giveaway.


Shay said...

Lazy days completely rock.

I have to wonder why people would risk pneumonia ..even in the name of charity. You're all wearing woolly hats and jackets . That's not taking the plunge weather at all!

I love seeing the Christmas displays in the shops (but have yet to start doing anything with my own decorations!)

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I wish we celebrated it here.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

I think the day after thanksgiving must be like boxing day, I love all that lazing around and recovering :-) Cute Turkey pictures too!

thea said...

What a wonderful favorite! Thanks.

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