30 November 2011

Handmade Christmas...and the winner is...

Using this ingenious device:

I have randomly picked a number from all eight entries...
And comment number one is...
Yay Katryn! I'll send them out in a few days! Congrats!

SO one of my best friends is coming to the island on Thursday, to work for what we call Christmas Stroll. (The first weekend in December. It started as reduced priced goods for locals as it's so expensive here, then became a huge thing that many people come to the island for.) So I had to hurry up and get my first gift done. And I am so proud of it, I just had to share it!
So what's pictured there is a handmade makeup/beauty bag and a handknit washcloth. Bag by Seaside Sewing. Doesn't look all that impressive.
Add a handknit mini stocking with lotsa treats, and some organic fair trade dark chocolate, and I think it makes a pretty nifty gift. Now if only I had been quick enough to stop my daughter grabbing the chocolate bar with her sticky, having just ate a candy cane fingers. But it's wrapped in some pretty expensive recycled type paper, so I think my friend will understand if it's a bit sticky!


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