12 July 2013

Becoming a Vegetarian

Two days ago or so I made the decision to become a vegetarian. Now, it may not seem too long term yet, but the reality is, I hadn't had any meat at all this week, which was several days before I made the decision. I only eat meat about two times a week anyways. I can't say I won't miss eating meat - I love buffalo chicken wings. But it won't be so hard for me at it would be for others.
How did I come by this decision? Well, I'd never felt too great about eating meat. It was honestly something I tried not to think about. As I was eating those delicious wings, I couldn't think about the suffering the chickens went through, their whole lives. I just couldn't. Or every time I ate a bacon cheese burger, those poor cows were in the back of my mind.
The final straw? This video: WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!

In it, the poor pigs are tortured. For no reason. The people are doing it just because they can.
I knew animals who were raised for slaughter weren't treated well. But I ate meat anyways. I guess I figured, well, they're already dead and in the store. They have to be raised this way, it's economical and blah blah blah...So I supported the meat industry with my money.
But this, this I won't support.
I guess I now have another decision to make. Do I go totally vegan? I know animals who are used for dairy aren't treated much better than animals raised for slaughter. (And in lots of cases are one in the same.)
So I figured I would slowly get used to it. Be vegetarian for a month, (and eat fish) then transition to vegan. And then maybe be vegan five days a week and let myself have pizza on the weekends?
I will be using Vegan Nantucket as a source, and some very nice people in the community will be helping me along. That video even got another person to turn vegetarian as well.
I'll also be posting good vegetarian/vegan recipes as I try them. On today's lunch menu, Spicy Fish Tacos with Pineapple Slaw.
Wish me luck! It would be great to get some support. Any words of wisdom? Any good sources for vegetarian recipes? Do you eat fish? Eggs? (Which I know are technically meat.) Dairy? Anything else I should know?

(Itchy pig photo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Itchy_piglet.jpg)


Jessica Sosebee said...

This is such fabulous news, Natalie. As you know - there's tons of support out there. Just shout if you need us! I think transitioning is a good way to go. After awhile, you won't even notice. By the way, there are loads of fake meat products out there. Not that they're great for your health, but they're good while you're transitioning. They have a few different types of buffalo-style "chicken", which basically gives you the sauce (taste) you're after. Go to the last freezer section of Stop and Shop. Tons of veggie burgers, fake chix patties, etc. As for being vegan - you're right, dairy is just as horrendous.... sometimes worse. Maybe switch from milk to soy, coconut or rice milk. Switch your yogurt to coconut yogurt. I know cheese is tough, so do that one last. Every small thing you do is massive for animals. Thank you!!!

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