24 October 2013

Homeschooling Friday - week three, Fall Inchies

Welcome to Homeschooling Friday, week three! Homeschooling Friday is a recap of our week in homeschooling, with any new or exciting crafts we've tried along the way.
This week we learned about the letter C and continued learning about fall. We read lots of books about deer and cats, made cupcakes and homemade crescent rolls:
I read the book Millions of Cats to M and her friend Mr. T. Then I had them draw cats and act like cats - makeup and everything. Lots of fun ensued - the book is a great one, definitely recommend it!
This week, one of the kids I babysit had a birthday. So, we made pumpkin muffins:
I used a box mix which I doctored up with some Ghiradelli chocolate chips and chopped walnuts. They quickly turned into cupcakes (it was pointed out to me that cupcake, not muffin, started with a C):
I got store bought tubes of black and orange frosting, black sprinkles and cream cheese icing, and let the kids go wild. I have to say, they're mighty awesome looking.
We made some Very Hungry Caterpillars:
Once again, I got the idea from that artist woman. Magdalena's friend, Ms. C was here for the afternoon, after we had taken pictures (I don't have a printer so we had to go to the library) so she made one without a picture, which is just as cute:
This is something we've been loving to do lately:
Wet paper painting a solid color, then covering it with plastic wrap to make a cool effect!
The base of the caterpillar.
Once again, we made inchies! I love making these with Magdalena. They're like nine mini art projects, and each one is so close to instant gratification.
My professional way of cutting out inchies:
That Dora book was the straightest thing we had on had! Or I was just being lazy. You pick. Magdalena loved a new technique we tried. Put some watery paint in the corner, and blow with a straw!
Makes a very cool effect.
Once again, we didn't have everything that artist woman used, but used what we had. I do need to get more art supplies, though.
Not sure what that one in the middle row all the way to the right is supposed to be. I told her to do what she wanted, so she did another straw blowing exercise. We're calling it a spider!
Once again, it was all mounted on poster board:
The bottom one in the right-hand corner is just a list of all of the things we love most about fall. We didn't have what was used in the example we followed, and using construction paper instead would have made it look too similar to a couple of the other ones we'd already made. Or, once again, I was being lazy at the end of a long project. Not sure sometimes!
We are getting quite the little gallery going!
How was your week in homeschooling?


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