07 October 2013

Make Something Monday

Ok, Blogging world, I am back! I think I have settled on a good schedule - I will try my hardest to post Make Something Mondays on Monday, and Homeschooling Friday. On, well, Friday. I'll showcase things I've knitted the last week and made on Make Something Mondays, and I will recap our week in homeschooling on Fridays. I will share any great new projects we've tried, and hopefully have a fun homeschooling type project for you all to try, if you want.
I will be linking up to For the Kids Fridays and Show-and-Share Saturdays with my homeschooling posts, and {Wow me} Wednesday and Whatever Goes Wednesday with my Make Something Monday posts.
This week, I only really finished one thing. I have just been on a short break from knitting, and am trying to pick the needles back up!
I am pretty darn proud of this one. It's a Hello Kitty inspired hat, which my daughter has been begging for. I have to admit, the face is a little off center, but the pieces are just glued on so that's an easy fix.
I am also working on a pair of knucks. I will be showing them off, fully finished, next week! Too bad they are for a Christmas present, I am falling for them, hard! For now, here's where they're at:
They're being made of a lovely felted tweed, and I can tell they are going to be super warm. Being Ravelled here: http://ravel.me/NataliesKnits/k2
I got some olive green to make a pair for yours truly here, but I am afraid I may not be able to make them 'til after the holidays.
Hopefully next week I will be able to show off those knucks and a few stuffed animals, too. It's time to knuckle down with knitting things for the holiday fairs! (How many times can I use the word (or a derivative of) knuckle in one Blog post?)
What did you make this week?

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Shay said...

That hat is adorable (as is the wearer )

I finished a mini quilt this week ...given my lack of finishes this year - thats nothing short of miraculous!

Sarah | The Sugar Hit said...

She's back! Go to it, blogger-lady!

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