07 November 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day Seven

I love Nantucket. One of the things that makes my little island so lovely, is the Atheneum - which is fancy for library. Today, I am grateful for the library. (Which my grandfather helped renovate, by the way!)
Atheneum is defined as "literary or scientific association for the promotion of learning." The Nantucket Atheneum certainly strives to fit into that definition.
This is the elephant Magdalena made at their free craft activity the other day. (And free certainly fits into No Spend November!) Not too many places would provide a free art class / story time.
The librarian read Elmer the Elephant and then we made our own patchwork versions of Elmer by gluing squares of tissue paper onto plain paper, then cutting out the elephant shape. So cute! And the book is a must read, for anyone with toddlers. Like, seriously.
An abstract Elmer!
There have been so many times where I haven't had anything else to do, or it's been super rainy, or I just plain don't feel like doing anything, when we go to the library. Chances are you'll be able to attend a dance class, movie, or pizza pajama party. Even if you want to rent a movie to watch on a stormy day!
Magdalena gets so excited when she hears we're going to the library. It's something invaluable to this community, and we all love.
Magdalena making her masterpiece.
Elephants on parade!
That's what I'm thankful for today. What about you?
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From the 30 Days of Thanks Facebook page:
"Thankfulness should extend beyond Thanksgiving. Even on our hardest days and in our worst moments, there is always something for which to be thankful. Practice daily gratitude during the month of November and share your thankfulness with others around the world.
"Please join this event and invite your friends to also participate in 30 Days of Thanks. Join and find something to be thankful for each day, whether you come back here each day and tell us all what you're thankful for (which would be fantastic!) or whether you acknowledge your gratitude in private."
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