14 November 2012

Thirty Days of Thanks - 11, 12, 13 & 14

Holy cow have I fallen behind! Unfortunately, Blogging every day just got to be too much. It go to the point where life took over, and something had to give for a few days, and it was the Blog.

Day 11:
Thankful that Magdalena slept past sunrise that morning! It started out much better than the past few! And she's been sleeping past sunrise since. *knocking on wood now*.

Day 12: How very nice the day was! Such a gift! I mean, the day was a perfect summer's day...in November! And we made the best of it by having two play-dates.

Day 13: Magdalena's teachers! They're amazing! She is in a preschool two days a week and it is so cool! Makes me wish I was four. They spend all the time they can exploring outside and the environment, and learning how to have fun with it and treat it with respect. Another two days a week she's in a free program which addresses some minimal learning delays she has. And I mean minimal, which would not have been the case if not for this program and others like it.

Day 14: I am grateful for all the new friends I have made in the past couple of years through Magdalena. The past few days have been jammed pack full of play-dates, pot-lucks, parties, and fundraisers.
I learned about a new holiday, Diwali, which began yesterday and runs through the next few days. Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, held in the period October to November. A year ago I had no idea what Diwali was, and this year I found myself celebrating it! (Word for the wise: If you've never tried homemade Naan, it's a must! As soon as my friend posts her recipe, I am linking it! YUM.)

Magdalena rolling out naan!
I was planning on having pictures of Magdalena with her teachers and her classrooms for this post, but, the best laid plans, right?
That's what I've been thankful for the past couple of days. What about you?
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From the 30 Days of Thanks Facebook page:
"Thankfulness should extend beyond Thanksgiving. Even on our hardest days and in our worst moments, there is always something for which to be thankful. Practice daily gratitude during the month of November and share your thankfulness with others around the world.
"Please join this event and invite your friends to also participate in 30 Days of Thanks. Join and find something to be thankful for each day, whether you come back here each day and tell us all what you're thankful for (which would be fantastic!) or whether you acknowledge your gratitude in private."

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