16 November 2012

Friday Finishes

Welcome to Friday Finishes Linky Party number three! Link up on Fridays with any finish you wish to share: craft, homework, dinner, baking, getting the cranky child to bed - well you get the idea.
Last week a few people entered! Yay, hope some more enter this week! :)
It's funny, last week I talked about how it was a week in which I got a lot of things almost finished, but not quite. Well, those particular things are still almost finished. That mitten is still languishing on the DPNs, and I still haven't made a pompom for Magdalena's hat.
This week I got three Happy Accident hats done. One for M's friend's birthday, the other two to sell at a fair next month.
I also made some wonderful baked mozzarella sticks
And, I taught my first knitting class! I think it was a rousing success, she learned what I had intended in the time allotted, and because she's a friend, I was able to iron the kinks out!
Magdalena's teacher has a daughter who is in a knitting club at school. There are kids that want to join who don't know how to knit. She is going to print out a flyer with my knitting class details and bring it in, and hopefully I can have a class with her friends.
**Hoping it works out!**
The next few things I am going to mention, I am particularly proud of.
I have been keeping journals off and on my whole life. Many of them were half full of just angry words and drawings. I didn't want to get rid of them, but I didn't really want them around either. I never looked at them, they reminded me too much of a time I don't want to remember, but at the same time I'm scared to forget.
The other night, I decided I was going to get rid of them, come Hell or high water. I got tired of them taking up space! So yesterday morning, I ripped out the most emotional pages, and the drawings and words I really wanted to keep, and took my current journal, and did this:
I made a collage. It was a way for me to honor that time and how much I learned and how much I've changed.
I took some drawings and scattered them throughout the journal: (I have to be honest, it's not really a journal. It's more an art thing, it's a lot of found objects and drawings that Magdalena and I did together.)
It's now a 'journal' that anyone can look through and read, and contribute to if they feel the desire. Which I think is the best kind of journaling, those are where the real memories are going to come from.

AND BEST FINISH OF THE WEEK! (One I didn't even do...)
Someone wrote her nickname all by herself!

Come and join us! What did you finish this week?
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Friday Finishes - Join in the fun.

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