23 November 2012

Friday Finishes

Welcome to Friday Finished Linky party number four! Last week there were a couple of entries, let's hope for a few more this week!
Link up on Fridays with any finish you wish to share: craft, homework, dinner, baking, getting the cranky child to bed - well you get the idea.
This week I got a grand total of one project finished:
The Santa Reindeer! I really think he's super cute, and he was a pretty fast knit. I am planning on selling him at a Christmas market next month...I think he'll go pretty fast!
His coat was kind of fiddly, and didn't photograph too well. I am planning on getting another one done in darker colors.
Ravelled here: http://ravel.me/NataliesKnits/sr
And I need to bang out a few animal hats and some stuffed elephants...by the eight of next month. Wish me luck!
Plus a special order of ten soap caddies by December 24th!

A quick update on No Spend November:
It's been going pretty well, but the more money I save, the more I want to spend it. I did slip up once and get a gourmet to-go coffee. But it was kind of a necessity on that particular day...plus I got a small, so that's ok, right? Haha, excuses, excuses.
I did suspend No Spend November very briefly to purchase a new phone. However, it was something I was planning on buying anyways, and the one I wanted went on sale by over half, so I kind of decided it may be a bit stupid not to get it right now.
Plus, with it, I can take credit cards at the artisan markets. So if I sell two things at each market that I otherwise wouldn't have sold, then the phone pays for itself.
I have been doing pretty well overall with it, and thus I have decided to expand No Spend November to Don't Buy December! It's a good thing I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping done last month, isn't it? And I have all the yarn to make anything else for Christmas presents.

Come and join us for Friday Finishes! What did you finish this week?
Please link up from your post with a text link or copy and paste the HTML below. :)

Friday Finishes - Join in the fun.


Michelle said...

He's so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found out about your linky party from "Michelle's Romantic Tangle" blog. Thanks for hosting this! I put a Friday Finishes button (so pretty) on my blog : )

I actually finished TWO projects this week so if you have a moment, check out the post right before the linked one to see my "Sixteen Sweet Purples" quilt!

Thanks and Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

PS I forgot to mention that I think the santa jacket is adorable on your reindeer!

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