09 November 2012

Friday Finishes

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Friday Finishes Linky Party number two! Crossing my fringers to get a few entries this week! Link up on Fridays with any finish you wish to share: craft, homework, dinner, baking, getting the cranky child to bed - well you get the idea.
This week was one of those where I got a lot of things almost finished. I made a hat for Magdalena but haven't added the pompom; I also made her some mittens, but need to make the thumb of the second one; and I made a hair snood for my friend's Christmas present, but haven't woven in the ends.
Here's some not so great pictures of the one thing I fully finished:
My mom and I participated in an event called Ladies Night, which raises money for a local nonprofit. Lots of artisans were there, and I sold all of my elephant hats, which was a hige surprise to me! And got in a huge special order! Gotta get those needles clicking!

Ok, on an off-topic note:

I keep seeing an ad for this yarn when I'm on Ravelry, and it's really distracting me. Like, it's making No Spend November super hard, because I so do not need that beautiful scrumptious drool-worthy squishy looking goodness, I just want that Christmassy stuff so badly it hurts!
http://www.etsy.com/listing/113262065/hand-dyed-yarn-superwash-merino-classic < - check it out, but I warn you, it's hard to resist.

So those are the few things I finished this week. What did you finish this week?

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Friday Finishes - Join in the fun.


IrishSapphire said...

Hi! I do an FO Friday post each week! How fun is it? :D http://irishsapphireknits.blogspot.com/


Kareyknit's on Rav said...

Too funny, that same add has been nagging at me too! I'd say a very successful add!

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